10 Tips For New ARK Players

ARK LogoAll players enter the world of ARK: Survival Evolved with nothing. However experience and knowledge is what separates the advanced from the new players.

The game presents many challenges including dinosaurs, other players and a deadly environment that you will have to adapt to if you want to survive and thrive in ARK.

This is of course after you have overcome the challenge of creating your own server using my cheapest ARK server guide that compliments the research I have done on the homepage.

The following list will highlight the top 10 ways to improve your skills as an ARK player and give you the upper hand as you strive to become a dinosaur survival master.

My Top 10 Tips For ARK

Lets start the countdown with my most important tip at number 1.

1. Know Your Resources

ARK is a resource based game that will require you to collect a vast amount of items and materials in order to craft and build. At the start of the game you will be stranded on a mysterious island inhabited with dinosaurs. It’s important that new players understand what each resource can be used for and how to obtain it.

ARK: Survival Evolved Items

At the start you will only be able to get the three basic resources including stones, thatch and fibre. Stones are found on the beach, thatch can be obtained by hitting trees and you can hand pick fibres from plants. These resources will be needed for making a hatchet and a pick-axe for getting the next tier of resources.

2. Use Tools Correctly

ARK Tools & Weapons

Different tools will harvest different materials. For example using a hatchet on a tree will give you wood, alternatively if you use a pick axe you will get thatch which is the same as using your hands. The same applies with hitting large rocks. If you use an axe on the stone you will harvest some stone, but if you use a pick-axe you will be given some flint. This in-game logic applies to many other resources in the game so be sure to experiment with the type of tools you are using on the different resources you encounter.

Do note that using tools as weapons is not a very efficient way to kill other players or animals. It may be your only choice at the start, but try to upgrade to a weapon as soon as you can. A good weapon can be the difference between life and death.

3. Start Small

Running around the wilderness with just a pick-axe can make you a very easy target for other players and wildlife. It’s best to start small when you first enter the world. Try to focus your attention on killing small animals like Dodos and Fish that you can easily find at the starting spawn point. They are very easy to kill and will give you plenty of resources that will come in handy as you progress.

It’s a good idea to spend your first hour on the beach building up your resources before venturing into the unknown. Try to avoid other players at the start as you never know if their friend or foe.

4. Level Up Efficiently

ARK DodoAs you gain more experience you will unlock Engram points. The game uses Engram points as a perk tree system that progressively makes you stronger and better at surviving the wild. You can use these points to improve your crafting skills which unlocks new recipes. These recipes include new gear, equipment and structures. Advanced players have always suggested that it’s best to unlock the Campfire, spear and Hatchet first as this gives you the best chance of surviving the first night.

Engram points can be spent anyway you want, but it’s best to prioritise the upgrades that match your playing style. You will have a better understanding of each perk once you have played the game a few times. It will become second nature the third time round.

5. Build a Secure Base

Base building is one of the main ways to protect you and your gear, having a secure base can keep both dinosaurs and other players away. On your first night you will want to build a makeshift shelter as the night time can be rather unforgiving if you’re inexperienced.

Your first shelter doesn’t have to be perfect as you will quickly move on and build a better one once you level up. Just make sure you have somewhere to keep warm when the temperature drops at night. Try and find a hidden place to set up camp away from other players to avoid any unnecessary encounters. Camping on the beach can make you a target as you will be out in the open. Trees on the other hand offer excellent cover for a campfire.

6. Avoid Other Players at the Start


If you’re playing on a PVP server, watch out for other players you haven’t encountered before. PVP or “Player vs Player” means other players can attack you. These servers are generally for more experienced players that work with others in a tribe. If you want to maximise your chances of staying alive it’s worth joining a PVE server.


A “Player vs Environment” server is more geared towards players working together against the perils of the world rather than against each other. This is a much better place for new players to improve their skills.

7. Secure Your Spawn Points

Beds act as spawn points in ARK, so having plenty of them built improves your chances of spawning back to a more favoured location. Beds can also be used as a fast travel network to get you around the map quicker. This can be a fantastic option if you need to get to a rare resource or a dinosaur across the other side of the map. However you will not be able to take any of your loot with you when you travel from spawn to spawn. Sadly this is the disadvantage of using this method.

8. Safety in Numbers

Joining a tribe is a great way to keep yourself protected early on. If you have friends that already play ARK you should ask if you can join them. This will allow you to learn from experienced players and also have some protection if you’re attacked by other players.

ARK: Survival Evolved Attacking Dinosaurs

The more players you have in your tribe, the more likely you will overcome any conflict that occurs. You can also work together on building projects and taming animals, which makes being in a tribe very appealing.

9. Befriend the Wildlife

Most of the animals can be tamed in ARK and have their own skill sets. Many can become your mounts and others can be used for fighting. Having a dinosaur companion has many advantages and it will give you the upper-hand in the game.

In order to befriend wildlife you will need to first knock them out and then continually feed them in order to gain their trust. Once you have done this process a couple of times you will have a companion of your own.

10. Reclaim Your Items

If you are killed in action don’t worry. Your items will have been dropped at your last location and you can go back for them. However keep in mind that if you were killed by another player they may have looted all of your items.

The loot will remain in the location you dropped it until it’s either picked up by you, looted by another player or will completely vanish if you die again.

If your worried about losing your items make sure you have a safe base or a hidden location where you can keep them.