Top 5 ARK: Survival Evolved Mods 2020

ARK:Survival EvolvedARK: Survival Evolved Logo is the perfect game to add mods to your server. Adding mods will greatly enhance your game and will give you plenty of additional content.

The Steam Community have been adding mods to ARK for the last 4 years and there are plenty of great mods no matter your play style.

As an avid ARK player I always add mods to my server as my friends enjoy a more personalized experience.

My Top 5 ARK Mods

Here are the top 5 mods I have been using in 2020.

1. Structures Plus

ARK Structure ScreenshotThis mod is perfect for fixing some of ARK’s dodgy building mechanics. If you want to avoid obvious clipping issues and improve on your building structures this mod will smooth all these problems out.

Structures Plus provides the perfect repair for any limitations the game might give you. The best feature that Structures Plus adds is the ability to pick up and move items rather than having to destroy them in order to correct any mistake you may have made.

Additionally there is a master crafting station that can be added to your world.

The master station will automatically harvest nearby materials and give you access to all of the crating materials right at the start of the game.

2. Improve your items at the Upgrade Station

There are several variations of gear in ARK with multiple qualities ranging from stone age tools to highly crafted hand weapons.

These can however only show up in randomized mobs drops or hidden beacons.

The Upgrade Station provides an area in which you can improve upon your current load-out. Tools, weapons and armour can all be greatly improved adding higher stats to each of the items you improve.

3. Stargate Worlds Mod

ARK Stargate ModUtilizing the Stargate Mod in ARK isn’t cheating. It will always take you a lot of time to build Stargates from scratch especially when you start powering them up from nill point modules.

When you do this however you are able to connect to a network of Stargate’s (much like the hit TV show and movie) and speedily uncover various parts of the island.

Islands on the ARK are large and have plenty of aggressive wildlife that will try and consume you.

If you want to avoid the treacherous and dangerous dinosaurs it is simple by using a wormhole which connects from point A to point B.

It is a fantastic shortcut and makes traversal around the world ten times easier. A highly recommended Mod!

4. Automated ARK

The larger your base becomes the more effort it will require to keep it in check.

When using Automated Ark it takes care of the often mundane tasks of cooking, farming and breeding your dinosaurs.

There are similarities between this mod and as mentioned above the Structures Plus Mod (above) as they both allow you to automatically access your storage chest from the crafting bench.

If you are wanting to improve upon your farming and dino-ranching then the Automated Ark mod is the best solution for this.

5. Carts and Wagons

Carts and Wagons are a great way to collect resources and transfer a large amount of items from one area to another area without having to make multiple trips like you would if you were trying to store it all in your backpack.

This means that you don’t have any limitations on solo farming or resource gathering allowing you to cut down on this process due to the large inventory space that a cart and wagon has.

You can either pull the wagon yourself or attach it to one of your dinosaur companions.

Attaching it to your dinosaur will allow you to guard your resources will you travel to your destined location. This also stops players raiding your wagon in transit.

This is a simple mod that provides an extra step of protection throughout the game.

The Final Verdict

All of the above mods can be downloaded on the Steam Community and added to your ARK server.

All you need to do is add the files to your server FTP.

If you haven’t purchased a server yet you can use my handy guide to help you choose a server provider.

A shared or dedicated server isn’t necessary to add mods, though mods do affect the performance of your server so you will need to consider this when creating your own world.